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Estate Planning.

Providing for your loved ones and dependents is one of the greatest gifts you can give. With expertise and compassion, our estate planning specialists can help you plan what happens to your assets, debts and finances if you become ill or disabled, or pass away.

If you haven’t accounted for everything in a clear and legally binding way, it could take time to settle your estate. It may also cause trouble between loved ones, or unexpected issues for business partners. With our experienced advisers, you can be confident that decisions about your estate are entirely in your hands. We help you plan your estate and account for everything when it’s time to settle.

Wills and Power of Attorney.

It’s important to manage your financial affairs in a way that is consistent with your Will and other legal documents. This prevents conflict and uncertainty, and ensures that your family and beneficiaries will be taken care of in the way you intend.

When discussing your estate planning strategy, we can help you to arrange a legally binding Will and Power of Attorney documents to give you peace of mind that your affairs will be attended to properly and correctly, even in your absence.

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Sue says, I would like to thank Leon for such a fantastic service and for taking a holistic approach to our situation. Not only looking after our insurance and financial situation but also for the care and compassion showed to my husband and I during his battle with melanoma. I would also like to thank him for his ongoing care and thoughtfulness for my future financial security. I cannot express how important and invaluable Leon’s service was to us both.

Leon’s guidance was professional and caring without being invasive and gave us peace of mind and allowed me time to concentrate on the important things like spending time and caring for my husband during the last months of his life. Sue, Maitland NSW